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Harcourt Pommeau (200 mL / 500 mL / 700 mL)


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Apple & Pear Liqueur made from Harcourt Eau de Vie and Harcourt Pure Fresh Apple Juice. 18% alcohol.

This Pommeau is blended and barrel aged in recoopered French Oak ex Chardonnay barrels for 4 years, giving it a rich dark golden hue.

Harcourt Pommeau is a new world version of this classic spirit.

Pommeau is traditionally served as a liqueur in a wine or port glass, lightly chilled, either with dessert or after a meal.

It is also finding increasing favour in cocktails.

Rich, dark gold in colour with heady Apple & Pear aroma.


Tasting notes

– Smooth as silk. Pronounced fruit exuberance with a rich palate and moderate sweetness.


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200 mL, 500 ml, 700 ml

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