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Harcourt Mixed Dry Apple Cider Duo (500ml – 15 Bottles / Case)


(Case: 15 x 500ml Bottles – Dry Apple Cider Duo Mix)

This case contains all three of our ciders in the following combinations

10x Dry Apple Cider / 5x Apple Cider

8x Dry Apple Cider / 7x Apple Cider

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Price: $105 per case (15 x 500ml mixed bottles)


Our cider making belief is that good fruit should be treated gently and with minimal intervention. This cider is made from a blend of Sundowner, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith apples which are milled and gently basket pressed. Fermentation was conducted by only indigenous yeast strains in both old oak hogsheads and stainless steel tanks. Post fermentation the different cider cuvees were blended, filtered and bottled.

Tasting Notes (Dry Apple Cider):

Alcohol / Volume: 7%

Color: A clear, pale straw colour with a fine bead and lasting effervescence.

Aroma: Features a distinctive Apple Cider aroma.

Palate: Slightly sharp taste with gentle fruity notes and a lingering, creamy finish. Mouth-watering. Real Apple flavour.


Tasting Notes (Apple Cider):

Alcohol / Volume:  5%

Color: A vibrant and pristine pale golden straw with green tinges and a fine bead.

Aroma: The cider offers an array of aromas of freshly cut apples and other green skinned fruits.

Palate: The Apple Cider has a lovely creaminess and fullness which presents a range of flavours along the palate making this cider complex yet refreshing





Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 37 × 21 × 27 cm
Dry Apple Cider Duo

10x Dry Apple Cider – 5x Apple Cider, 8x Dry Apple Cider – 7x Apple Cider

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