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Harcourt Eau de Vie (200 mL / 500 mL / 700 mL)


Optional Sizes: 200 ml, 500 ml & 700 ml

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200ml $29.95              500ml $49.95     700ml $79.95

Eau de Vie is a French term that translated to English means Water of Life.

Clear, unoaked Apple & Pear spirit 43% alcohol.

Our Eau de Vie is made from a blend of Apples & Pears fermented to dryness and double distilled in a traditional pot still to create a new world version of this classic spirit.

Eau de Vie is traditionally served in a tulip glass as an aperitif before or after a meal, however it is finding increasing favour in cocktails.

Served in a tall glass with ice and topped with a quality tonic water it enhances the Apple and Pear aromatics of our base spirit. This refreshing cocktail if a perfect rival to a gin and tonic.

Tasting notes

A heady aroma of toffee Apple, spiced Pear, floral notes of Apple blossom with musk.

The crisp acidity and wonderful aromatics of our Apples and Pears allude to a bold new world spirit speaking to the tenacity and hard work of the producers of Harcourts finest Apples and Pears.

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200 mL, 500 ml, 700 ml

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