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Harcourt Apple Cider Vinegar – 8YO (750ml – 6 Bottles / Case)




Price: $105.00 per case (6 x 750ml bottles)

Harcourt Vintage Apple Cider Vinegar is produced from fresh apple juice, naturally fermented and matured.  It is unpasteurised and unfiltered, and has the “Mother of Vinegar” still active in the vinegar after bottling. The mother retained in the vinegar ensures that the vinegar continues to mature, developing further in flavour.

Harcourt Vintage Apple Cider Vinegar is a high source of Acetic and Malic acids. It is also a quickly absorbed source of potassium.

Harcourt Vintage Apple Cider Vinegar is a full strength vinegar, it is not a diluted solution (no water added).

This is our premium vinegar, aged on oak for a minimum of 8 years to enhance flavour. It is an exceptional vinegar for use in salads and cooking.

Sizes:- 750 ml round presentation bottle.

Typical analysis:

  • Acidity 7%
  • pH  3.1
  • Titratable Acids  70 g/L  (7.0%)
  • Volatile Acidity  57 g/L  (5.7%)  Acetic Acid
  • Residual sugars  2.0 g/L

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 37 × 21 × 27 cm
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