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Harcourts Scrumpy Apple Cider

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Dry as! Tannins & complex -
Made from 100% Real AUSTRALIAN Apples
No Concentrates
No Added Sugars


Harcourt Scrumpy is our take on the classic English Farmhouse style Cider.

Harcourt Grown Apples are fermented to dryness, lightly carbonated and bottled.

Harcourt Scrumpy is 8% alcohol.

With complex flavours, this very dry and slightly cloudy cider will surprise and delight. Please rouse the bottle prior to opening.


The Harcourt Valley has long been renowned for growing quality Apples and Pears.
The flavour and crispness of Harcourt Apples is derived from the unique interplay of climate and granite soils in the district.
Located at the foot of Mount Alexander, the district experiences cool to cold winters, with occasional snow-falls, and warm dry ripening conditions in late summer and through an extended autumn.
The cold winters promote fruit set while the spring rains are adequate for early fruit development.
Growing conditions are supplemented throughout summer by irrigation from spring-fed dams and the historic Coliban irrigation system.
The long dry autumns are ideal for ripening of fruit, particularly the late red varieties of Apple.
The soils, derived from the granitic rocks of Mount Alexander, are sandy and ideal for the cultivation of Pomme fruit.
These granitic soils are naturally low in nutrient levels which enables the growers to control tree vigour by carefully applied fertilisers so that most of the bio-energy is directed into the development of dense crisp Apple rather than very large vigorous Apple tree.
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