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  • Harcourt Pure Fresh Apple Juice
  • Harcourt Pure Fresh Pear Juice
  • Harcourt Sparkling Apple Juice


  • Harcourt Vintage Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Harcourt Vintage Pear Cider Vinegar
  • Harcourt Mature Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Harcourt Apple Cider
  • Harcourt Pear Cider
  • Harcourt Dry Cider
  • Harcourt Scrumpy


  • Harcourt Eau de Vie
  • Harcourt Pommeau
  • Harcourt Apple & Pear Brandy

All of this started in 1991 when Simon and Victoria Frost opened The Little Red Apple, a road side shop in Barkers Creek, Central Victoria, selling Locally Grown fruit and veg with a focus on Locally Grown Apples and Pears.

At about the same time Neil & Leanne Norris started White Gum Apples which manufactures Harcourt Apple Juice and Harcourt Pear Juice, 100% Pure Fresh Juices manufactured from Local Fruit. In the late 90’s Simon and Victoria purchased White Gum Apples adding the Vinegars to their range of products and building a new Production Facility.

In 2013 Harcourt Perry & Cider Makers was born in conjunction with Adam Marks and Drew Henry. Harcourt Apple Cider, Pear Cider and Harcourt Sparkling Apple Juice were launched with huge success. Since then Simon and Victoria have continued to grow the business adding the Harcourt Dry Cider to their range, Building a new Factory and expanding distribution.

For over 150 years Harcourt has been producing exceptional Apples and Pears, grown in Granite soils, in a climate that produces some of the best fruit in Australia. We are proud to say that all our products are produced from Real Australian Apples and Pears grown in Harcourt and surrounding areas.


Pick Up - Delivery

Little Red Apple is right behind the community and ensuring you can get access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you are isolating with COVID-19 or just keeping out of the general populous you are more than welcome to place an order by:

Phone: (03 5474 2483)

e-mail: (

We can pick and pack your order for you to swing past and collect.

Or we can organise with you delivery.

We understand times are changing and we all need to adapt in ways.

Support Us and let us Support You

Retail Outlet - The Little Red Apple

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The Little Red Apple is our outlet store and provider of fresh quality produce.

The full range of our products are available so please feel free to drop in.

8795 Midland Highway
Barkers Creek, Victoria 3451

Little Red Apple Shop Front

All products manufactured and marketed under the Harcourt brand have always been made using the following philosophy:

Only quality 100% Australian Grown Real Fruit!

No concentrates or added sugar!

No compromises on quality, treat the fruit gently, old fashioned Cold Pressing, minimal intervention!

No pasteurisation, minimal use of preservatives, if any!

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